Hypnosis & Coaching

We can work with just about any issue you bring to us, however, listed below, are some of the standard programs we do on a regular basis. Our programs using Sylvia’s Personal Breakthrough method involve hypnosis for the other than conscious mind and are enhanced by coaching for the conscious mind.

Success Mastery
Success is often a matter of replacing old, unuseful beliefs with beliefs that support who you choose to be today.
Sports Performance
From students preparing for a sports scholarship, to a bowler preparing for competition, or a pro-golfer before his turn at the local John Deere Classic pro-golf tournament, Sylvia has helped athletes improve focus, skill and scores.
Learning Enhancement
For students wanting to excel, to get scholarship or to pass a grade as well as for anyone wanting to learn, more, better, faster and more effectively.
Sales Mastery
Similar to Success Mastery but focused for the Sales person. Available to Sales teams as well as for individuals. Our clients see improvement in sales and bottom line as well as enjoyment of work.
Public Presentations
Do you tremble at the thought? With hypnosis you can give powerful presentations with a calm confidence and enjoy the experience.

Self Confidence /Self Esteem

While this is a part of all of our programs, It makes a very powerful program by itself. These changes can improve every area of your life.

From a successful comedian who felt stale, who suddenly began creating new routines in my office, to work performance, any creative performance, and even sexual performance, Hypnosis offers the opportunity to perform better at anything you do.
Health & Wellness
Hypnosis can be helpful and sometimes lifesaving in the area of physical health. Whether its warts or cancer or anything in between, hypnosis is a wonderful adjunct to your regular medical care. We often see symptoms disappear completely after only one or two sessions.
Pain Management
Hypnosis has been used for pain management for thousands of years. And is still just as effective today. Clients are able to reduce or eliminate pain usually completely drug free.
Fear of flying, fear of water, fear of heights, fear of snakes, spiders and other creepy-crawlies, and even agoraphobia—all easily overcome with hypnosis.
Imagine childbirth as a relaxed and pleasurable experience. It is possible with hypnosis. One of our clients suffered from serious gestational diabetes with her first two children, but after choosing to use hypnosis for the third child she remained healthy throughout the pregnancy. And had an easy delivery.
Fertility/Assist IVF Implantation
Studies show hypnosis to be effective in both becoming pregnant and improving in-vitro fertilization implantation success rates. We are proud to have welcomed an infant into the world on her parents sixth and final IVF attempt after five previous failures.
Panic Attacks
Hypnosis is one of the best ways to overcome panic attacks. We have had ongoing success with this issue.
Alcohol Free
Our highly successful program has helped many individuals to reduce or eliminate drinking. It also helps resolve issues that led to excessive drinking in the first place.
Test Anxiety
Many a bright student chokes up when it comes to tests. That can easily change with hypnosis.
Weight Loss
With hypnosis our clients lose weight easily in a healthy way and keep it off because they change their whole relationship with food, mentally as well as emotionally and physically.
Stop Smoking
This is probably what hypnosis is most well known for. Hypnosis is still the best solution to becoming smoke-free. And we help you to not gain weight at the same time.
Your habits exist at the other than conscious level. Because hypnosis works at the level it is the perfect solution to changing those habits. Whether its nail biting, bedwetting, pen chewing, or hair pulling hypnosis is the right choice to make a change.

Generative Change -Be All You Can Be
OK, so you don’t need to be ‘fixed’. You are doing great. And you wonder just how much better you can be. Hypnosis is a great way to expand your abilities and possibilities, to discover who or what else you can be.

Has your gambling gotten out of hand? Is it threatening to ruin your life? You need to gamble one last time. Only bet on yourself this time. Your winning ticket will help you break free of this debilitating habit for good.
Opening to Psychic and Channeling Ability
Sylvia has helped many people over the years to develop psychic and channeling abilities, some of whom have gone on to use it professionally.