GALAXY Light and Sound Machine

The GALAXY light and sound mind machine is built for fun.
The Galaxy light and sound mind machine is built for fun. Imagine how you’ll feel owning the world’s easiest to operate mind machine. The Galaxy is a fully functional light and sound machine in a beautiful hand-held design with the emphasis on ease of use. Simple to operate and sturdy, the Galaxy really does the job.We recommend using the Galaxy when listening to Hypnosis processes.


Cameron Aurameter

While many Dowsers can use a forked twig, The Original Cameron AURAMETER has the sensitivity built into the instrument making it available to a much larger range of users.Various modes of adjustment allow code responses to be transmitted from the forward tip to one’s “feeling hand” and eventually throughout one’s entire body. This opens the way to true Dowsing clairsentience – the ability to “feel” & “touch” at a distance.